With an aerial installation within Ireland, you will be able to receive the Irish free to air channels which come through Saorview.

Saorview Features

  • It Can be received via an existing TV Aerial although some homes may require aerial upgrade.
  • Much sharper picture than Analogue with no snowy picture effects or ghosty images.
  • The sound will be much clearer
  • Interactive service available ( red button ) Subtitles
  • Radio stations can also be received with the new service.
  • 7 Day programme guide available on newer boxes
  • Recording possible using a USB drive

How to receive Saorview

There are 2 ways to receive Saorview:

Existing TVs: Most TVs now come with a suitable tuner already installed and only need to be connected to the aerial and tuned in..

Set-Top Box: If your TV does not have a Saorview tuner then a set-top box can be connected to receive and watch Saorview.

Combine Saorview with UK Freesat Channels

The UK Freesat channels can be combined with all the Irish Saorview channels in one box meaning less space is needed and all can be controlled with a single remote.

If you require a new TV then a single TV can be supplied which includes Freesat and Saorview without the need for any external box.

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